Lawless Cover Overhaul

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Oh, I am loving this! The cover designer has worked her magic again, and cast a spell over the Lawless cover to make Macey pop like she knows she should. All sales platforms will soon reflect this cover, and so will future books in the series. Covers do change. They’re part of the book’s evolution as the market changes, and I love how sweet this fits into the Paranormal Romance genre. It also gives Macey the shine only one badass, slayer-witch can handle. Love it! Lawless is out now. Check out more by clicking here.

Rock it hard, Macey girl!

News on the Prophecy Child Series

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A while back I removed the Prophecy Child series from stores to give it an overhaul. The story, the characters, in essence, are the same, but the revised books will provide readers with an improved reading experience. The stories also have new covers, reflecting Macey in a way she’s best known. Buoyant and badass!

Lawless is now branching out. Over the next few months it will expand across other sales channels in addition to Amazon stores. The link-to-buy buttons will be added on the title pages within the website as and when they become available. Lawless and Hunted will soon show up in such stores as Apple Books, Tolino, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Scribed and so on. Also, Hunted will be released on the 1st December 2019, but is available for pre-order on Apple Books and Amazon. Other stores to follow.

Now they’ve shaken off the dust, put on new sparkly outfits, let’s hope Macey, Harry, and the gang are happy with their new makeover! I’ve enjoyed going back in time and visiting these guys again. It’s made me want to dust off my slaying sword 😁 … Off I go to polish and shine …