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For a self-professed kinemortophobic individual such as myself, you’d think I’d run a mile from writing about the rising dead. But I didn’t have a choice. I have to go where the story takes me, so you can imagine the dread I felt when zombies appeared on the menu. The zombies in DBR may be of a unique kind because they include magic and necromancing, but still *shudder* I had to face some old fears on this one. 

I’m still traumatised to this day after I had no choice but to attend a zombie immersive experience for my husband’s fortieth birthday. I braved it—embarrassed myself by running away most of the time—but, at least, the sounds, the experience, the fear, gave me an insight into some things Terra and the gang face in book seven of the Terra Vane series. I now tell everyone that I’m badass because I fought zombies. I don’t tell them I pushed people out of the way while screaming because hey, I said sorry when I did so. Being a polite screaming, wild-eyed, crazed woman who loves romance not zombies, has got to count for something.

Terra and me share the same revulsion toward the zombies of the supernatural, so I was glad of that. My excuse is because I’m an INFP personality. Not sure what hers is. But I get it. She’ll take down a djinn, a reptile shifter, even a vampire, but with zombies … let’s just say I know where she’s coming from.

Death Be Rising will be out more toward the fall/winter of this year, so I will keep you posted via social media of a date closer to the time. If you’re on your way to reading book six (Death Be Shifted) there’s a sneak preview of Death Be Rising at the back. The pace is faster in this one, my heart and head both needing a break, but it’s more about the action than the gore—I promise. However, with zombies, you’ve got to have a dash of gruesome, right?

If you’re reading the series I hope you’re enjoying it so far. I’ve an ending planned to the series but we’re not there yet. If I have to give a number, then I’d say we’re halfway. But there’s a few more escaped prisoners to catch before we reach a conclusion. If you’ve not delved into the series yet, then you can do so by downloading book one for free at Amazon stores, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Apple Books. Click here to go to the Death Be Blue page for further information.

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Have a great day. I’m off to go plan for a zombie apocalypse…

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