After completing her slayer service, Macey Jennings runs a nightclub where all species are welcome. Life is hectic between running the club, looking after the two kids she’s taken on, and bounty hunting demons on the side. She takes each day, scrambling to fit it all in. But when troubled private investigator, Harry Sinclair comes knocking on her door, all of that gets turned on its head.

Harry is on the case of a missing girl—the daughter of his former police chief—when a clue leads him to Macey’s club. He’s instantly taken in by the attractive club owner who deems it necessary to throw him into her supernatural world without batting an eyelid. And not only does he have to get over the fact that vampires and werewolves exist, but he’s also bemused by his feelings for her—something he never expected to feel again after all he’s lost.

As Macey and Harry work together against the ticking clock, dealing with the passion ignited between them, they also need to find the girl and what the message, ‘Cometh the Prophecy Child’ means before it’s too late. Something darker is coming, and Macey is about to find herself directly at the center of it.

* Please note, if scenes of a sexual nature and many curse words aren’t your thing, maybe it’s best not to go any further. There is a swear jar involved, but it’s not helping much …

Second Edition 2019