Strike At Midnight


Rella Rosewood (a.k.a Cinderella) is a Renegade Hunter who lives in Lower City in the Kingdom of Carena. She will pretty much do anything to get her payday—within some form of reason—even if it means donning a ball gown and glass slippers to go undercover at a ball hosted by Prince Charming. 

With interfering do-gooders and a case that has a lot more to it than meets the eye, Rella is about to understand that a case of stolen identity isn’t her only issue. She’s also learning that the happy ever after she craves won’t be found at the bottom of a whiskey bottle, but in a place, she would never have thought possible.

There are more books to come from the twisted fairytales of the FAR FAR AWAY universe. The books are standalone, but will feature character crossovers from the people who all live within the same world.


*Currently available through Kindle Unlimited