Release date: 1st December 2019 – Pre-order today

After Macey Jennings finds herself smack bang in the middle of an ancient prophecy, you’d think life would give her a break. But no. The former slayer still has a supernatural club to run, two kids to watch, a bounty hunting business to manage, and a world to save.

Throw in the need to control her new power, and carve out some time with her new sexy PI boyfriend, it’s no wonder she’s ready to lose it when an artefact wielding maniac turns up wanting to devour her gift.

Someone is hunting witches and using death to spell out his intentions. With Macey’s power on the rise, it won’t be long until he catches up with her. But he’s not the only one. Dark Soul’s are rising, her gift attracting is their scouts, and the world Macey knows unravels as more information about the prophecy comes to light.

* Please note, if scenes of a sexual nature and many curse words aren’t your thing, maybe it’s best not to go any further. They seem to have lost the swear jar…